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Pornography and Cybersex Addiction Therapy

Pornography and Cybersex Addiction Therapy

Denver Pornography and Cybersex Addiction Therapy

    • Is sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior impacting your life?
    • Do you find yourself spending hours looking at internet porn, unable to stop?
    • Are you worried that your spending on porn and sex is out-of-control?
    • Is your internet porn addiction hurting your personal relationships and work?
    • Are you are spending more time on the computer than with your loved-ones?

Pornography and Cybersex (Porn) Addiction Recovery in my Denver Psychotherapy and Addiction Intervention Practice.

With the invention of the Internet individuals no longer have to leave their home to get their “fix”. Men, especially, are attracted to internet pornography for sexual release because of what I call the 10 “A’s”:

      • Available (in-home computer, wide variety and supply of web sites)
      • Accessible (convenient and easy)
      • Accelerated (removes social barriers; sex on demand, frequent, and speedy)
      • Affordable (free or inexpensive)
      • Anonymous (online perceived discretion, safety, and concealment)
      • Acceptable (commonly used; helps in acceptance of sexual identity)
      • Approximating (substitutes virtual sexual behaviors and relationships for reality
      • Alluring (hooks into fantasy life and sexual templates)
      • Active (ability to interact)
      • Acculturating (safe introduction to sexual subcultures)


Cybersex can be both the computer generated and enhanced sexual activity, through pictures, video, and description, that accompany sexual arousal and masturbation, often leading to orgasm, and/or using the Internet to hook-up or meet sexual partners through online chat rooms, web-cams, or, in real life.

Addiction to Internet pornography Is the fastest growing, addiction phenomenon in the nation. By providing immediate excitement at the touch of a button, internet porn and sex addiction takes time and energy out of real life and real relationships, impacting both heterosexual and gay relationships. Patrick Carnes says “the Internet is to sex addiction, what crack cocaine has been to drugs.” Internet porn addiction leads to failed relationships, job anxiety and instability, emotional and physical isolation and withdrawal, sexual health problems, sexual desire and intimacy issues, financial and legal consequences, and more.

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Example of couples therapy with sexual addiction from my Denver, Colorado, mental health and addiction intervention practice: A couple came in to my office struggling with the husband’s addiction to Internet pornography. This man was focused on the computer instead of his wife. Internet pornography is like infidelity. The other partner feels betrayal, mistrust, inadequacy, and unworthiness.

We worked on regaining trust by helping the addicted partner see the affect of his behavior on his wife. Not only did she feel abandoned and betrayed, her sexuality was challenged and attacked. By becoming aware of his wife’s pain he helped her heal the wounds and repaired the relationship.

GLOW Counseling and Denver Sex Therapy offer sex therapy, counseling, and psycho-sexual education on a large range of sexuality and intimacy issues:

Moshe Rozdzial, LPC is a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and counselor at GLOW counseling in Denver, Colorado.

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