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My name is Moshe Rozdzial, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and therapist in the State of Colorado (Lic # 3569) and a National Board Certified Counselor (NCC). I am also trained in Marriage and Family counseling (couples and relationship therapy) and am a certified sex therapist (CST), a certified EMDR (level II) and a certified Brainspotting therapist, and a certified ARISE addiction interventionist.

Mental Health Treatment and Counseling Certifications:

Sex Therapy is a professional and ethical “non-touch” mental health treatment approach, for individuals and couples, addressing issues and problems of sexuality, sexual health, sexual function and expression, and sex addiction. This includes counseling work with the LGBT-gay community. I’m a Certified Sex Therapist (CST) from the American Board of Sexology.

Brainspotting  is a brain/body based tool that uses eye position to locate and process internal distress and trauma to promote integration and deep healing. Brainspotting typically results in shifting and clearing negative emotional and  psychological patterns, while establishing new adaptive and healthy responses. I am a certified Brainspotting Therapist from the International Brainspotting Association, USA.   Click here for more on grief and loss treatment in my Denver counseling practice.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitzation and Reprocessing), and Brainspotting are therapy treatment methods for a wide range of issues related to anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), upsetting past events, and present life conditions. I’m a certified EMDR (Level 2) therapist from the EMDR Institute.  Click here for an Example of “EMDR for PTSD” from my Denver psychotherapy practice.

ARISE (Addiction Recovery in Supportive Environment) model of addiction intervention, a respectful, family- oriented approach for getting resistant addicted persons into treatment and healing the family system (see page on Denver Addiction Recovery and LGBT substance abuse). I’m a certified ARISE Interventionist, from the Association of ARISE Interventionists.

Mental Health, Psychotherapy, and Counseling Specializations:

I focus on sex therapy, men’s mental health, women’s empowerment, and couples and marriage counseling, with special attention to sexuality and sexual health in individuals and relationships. I also work on anger, anxiety, and stress, depression, addiction, midlife transition, grief and loss, and trauma, including issues of childhood abuse. Click here for more about men’s issues, depression and anger management in my Denver psychotherapy practice.  Click here for more information on sex and internet porn addiction in my Denver, Colorado, mental health and counseling practice.

I am also a diversity and clinical trainer, leading presentations and workshops on men’s issues, gender socialization, relationship dynamics, sexuality, anger management, and cross-cultural and multicultural issues. Group therapy and phone counseling sessions are also available in my Denver counseling practice. Call 303-399-2314 to schedule speaking engagements.

Click here for more about my professional psychotherapy practice, GLOW Counseling

Membership in Professional Organizations:

American Counseling Association (ACA)

American Board of Sexology

International Brainspotting Association, USA

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