There is some paperwork you will need to complete before we have our first session. You can fill these out by arriving 15-20 minutes early for your first appointment, or, you can download any of the forms from this web site (see below).


Email and Communication:


I do not use e-mails in the therapeutic relationship, although I occasionally exchange e-mails with clients on non-therapeutic matters, such as setting up or rescheduling an appointment.


I am also willing to arrange for telephone or Skype therapy sessions and consultations.


I check my psychotherapy telephone messages on a regular basis throughout the day, in the evening, and over weekends. I try to return calls as soon as I can. I often return calls within an hour of receiving a message, but it can be longer, although usually within 24 hours.


I have a professional colleague cover for me when I am out of town.

GLOW Conseling

Phone: 303-399-2314