Therapy Groups, Support Groups, Diversity Trainings and Workshops:


Workshop in conjunction with Golden Gate Counseling Center:


Power And Positioning in Relationships

A Workshop affirming all relationships


Therapy and Support Groups:

[list type="3"]

  • Men’s support group

  • Couples group

  • Parenting group

  • Mate selection: dating and relationships

  • Pre-marital counseling group

  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement support groups



Diversity Trainings, Workshops, and Presentations:

[list type="3"]

  • Gender issues and sexuality

  • Psychology of men

  • Male sexuality: non-relationality, sex addiction, and masculinity

  • Clinical perspectives on men’s issues

  • Power and Positioning in Relationships

  • Grief and loss

  • Anti-Semitism and Heterosexism: Common Constructs of Oppression

  • Oppression and Power: Undoing the ISMs

  • Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia.

  • Transgender Issues


Call to find out about trainings and group scheduling: A list of LGBT-specific groups
and trainings can be found on the GLOW for LGBT page.

for scheduling call 303-399-2314


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