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What is Polyamory?

  • honesty

  • openness

  • respect

  • self-confidence

  • trust

  • communication


Forms of Polyamory:

  • Primary plus: A couple in a primary relationship (married or partnered) agrees to pursue additional relationships individually, forming “secondary", deep relationships, or “tertiary", occasional, partnerships.

  • Triads: Three people develop a committed equal intimate relationship.

  • "V" relationahip: Individual with Multiple Primaries.

  • Group Marriage or Poly Family: Three or more people form a closely-knit, intimate relationship system, which may not, or be sexually exclusive (polyfidelity).

  • Intimate Networks: Intertwining connections between “erotic friends” who have relationships of varying degrees of intimacy, intensity and commitment.

  • “Swing-Poly” or “social polyamory”: Hybrid between swinging and polyamory. A primary couple engage in ongoing erotic friendships together and/or separately.

  • Poly-dating among singles: Dating relationships that differ from traditional forms of “playing the field” in that the single individual makes full disclosure of intimate relationships to all potential sexual partners.


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