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Power Dynamics 

Power Dynamics Within Relationships:

Power Dynamics Within Relationships:

  • Are you challenged by gender roles and expectations in your relationship?

  • Are you wanting equality in your relationship but don't know how to manifest it?

  • Do you suffer with competition and one-upmanship in your relationship?

  • Do you struggle with differential power, racial, or religious dynamics?

  • Are you burdened by with issues of homophobia or bi-phobia?

  • Is one of you considered to be better looking by the culture?

  • Do you deal with unequal resources or finances in your relationship?

  • Do you have painful discussions about money?


Some power differentials in relationships include financial, educational, and ethnic or religious affiliation. Position differences include social support differences, beauty, sexual availability, emotional wherewithal, resiliency, and more. Couples are often unaware of how power, positioning, or rank differences affect their intimate relationships. Power Dynamics are rarely discussed, in fact, they are often assumed to be true or are taboo subjects, and yet, power and position dynamics may be the root cause of many serious relationship problems.


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Trained in marriage and family counseling, I see pre-marital, married, co-habitating, and gay and lesbian (LGBT) partners for couples counseling, in my Denver, Colorado mental health practice. As a certified sex therapist, I help couples deal with sexual and mental health issues such as low sexual desire, painful sex, sexual dysfunction, or sex/porn addiction. Click here to see more on couples therapy.

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