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Denver Behavioral Compulsion/Addiction Support

Denver Behavioral Compulsion/Addiction Support



Do you or your loved-one neglect work, job performance or productivity, or household chores to act out compulsively?

Do you or your loved-one seek out compulsive behaviors to intimacy with your partner?

Do you or your loved-one lose sleep or neglect your physical well-being to compulsive behaviors?

Do you or your loved-one feel depressed, moody, or nervous when you are not active in your compulsion?

Do you or your loved-one isolate from others or lead a secret life as a result of your behavioral compulsions?

What is an Intervention?

An Intervention is the action taken by family, friends, employer and/or concerned others to actively support and assist someone to change unacceptable or unhealthy behaviors.

The ARISE Intervention method:

  • ARISE is a system of support designed to work from the concerns of family and others to get a resistant addicted person started in treatment.
  • ARISE is process designed to protect and enhance the long-term nature of family relationships, while at the same time ending the addiction’s control over the family.
  • ARISE is a model is an “Invitational Intervention”, a respectful technique used to mobilize families and concerned others to help the addicted person get started in treatment and/or self-help while maintaining and supporting family bonds, culture, and history.

About GLOW Counseling addiction support:

We know that your relationship with the addicted person in your life presents many challenges.

GLOW Counseling offers services that help individuals and families struggling with sex addictions, including internet pornography or cybersex addiction, gambling, debting, and other compulsive behaviors. We are also well-versed in the many areas of trauma, the latest treatment and intervention methods, and the link between stress and anxiety and the addiction pathway.

Our support-related services focus on the continuous spectrum of  from getting past denial and getting started in treatment, through treatment and into long-term recovery. All the interventions are broadly focused on the mind-body-spirit continuum and are respectful of the expertise, love, and commitment of the individuals and families we serve.

GLOW Counseling also offers mental health services. We specialize in providing psychotherapy and counseling services and collaborative care, serving as links for individual and family healing.

CALL NOW! to find out how hundreds of families in Colorado and across the country have successfully used intervention support to get their loved one started in treatment.

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