Domestic Violence and Abuse in the Gay/LGBT Community

Domestic Violence and Abuse in the Gay/LGBT Community

Domestic Violence and Abuse in the Gay/LGBT community

Domestic abuse and violence is blind to sexual orientation or social status. On a Daily basis, Issues of dominance, power, and control in relationships are rooted in the fabric of the oppressive systems we live in. Although there is overlap between the issues faced by survivors of domestic violence and partner abuse in straight and gay relationships, GLBT persons struggle with some unique challenges and vulnerabilities that may be exploited in same-sex intimate partner abuse. These include:

Fear or threats of being “outed”

Abuse in the guise of being toughened up.

Exploitation of a sense of self as worthless, sinful, or destined to be punished because of sexual orientation and lack of social connectedness or family support.

Threats of legal, religious, or employment discrimination.

Lack of healthy role models or relational templates.

Fear of loss of children.

Exploitation of HIV-related issues and vulnerabilities.

If you have experienced any of these challenges in your relationship, please call for support. Help is available.
GLOW (Gays and Lesbians Out and Well) is psychotherapy and counseling with a gay-affirming focus for the Denver, Colorado, LGBT community.

GLOW Counseling offers sex therapy, counseling, and psycho-sexual education on a large range of sexuality and intimacy issues:

Anxiety and stress mamagement

Body image

Dealing with sexless relationship

Depression treatment

Disability and sex



Low desire or libido differences

Maintaining healthy sexuality in relationship

Men’s issues

Overcoming childhood sexual abuse


Porn (cybersex) addiction

Sexual addictions

Sexual disorders

Sexuality and aging

Transgender issuesWomen’s issues

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