Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health Issues 

In our macho world, boys learn to control their feelings, to never cry, and that anger and violence is a problem-solving method.  As a result, boys and men pay a huge toll for maintaining an image of manhood that keeps them isolated from women, children and other men.


-Stop the cycle of aggression and depression.

-Understand the root causes of your anger.

-Reclaim and promote emotional literacy.

-Choose and define for yourself what it means to be a man.

-Enhance the quality of communication and intimacy in your relationships.



STOP the anger:

The one emotion that is supported, as part of manhood, is the emotion of anger. Most men are actually very good at controlling their anger when they need to. Male anger and violence are not about anger management, they are rooted in the response to power and control in order to legitimize and affirm masculinity. Anger can be used to justify oppressing others, to elevate low self-worth, to hide other feelings, and to displace other emotions such as fear.
STOP the madness of sex addiction:

Sexual addictions can take over your life. It leaves you feeling empty and alone. Addiction to Internet pornography takes the energy out of relationships. It is estimated that there are about 20 million sex addicts in the United States, more that those suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. With the invention of the Internet, individuals no longer have to leave their home to get their “fix”.  Men, especially, may go to internet pornography for sexual release due to its availability, convenience, speed of access, and anonymity.



STOP the isolation:

suffer from depression just as often as women, but they are less likely to ask for help. Men often struggle with depression when they interpret, as failure, their inability to meet familial and societal expectations or obligations..


There are options for a healthier, more satisfying, and productive life.

The GLOW team offers therapy and psycho-education for men on a large range of issues:


Anger management

Anxiety and stress

Body image and self-esteem


Financial, work, and career issues

Grief and loss


Life transitions

Maintaining long term relationships

Mate selection and dating

Men’s health issues

Overcoming childhood abuse

Parenting and Fathering

Self-identification and masculinity

Separation and divorce

Sex addiction

Sexuality and aging

Substance and alcohol abuse

Violence and partner abuse

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