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What Every Man should know about “Low-T”: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A recent surge of ‘Low T” advertisements have led to an increase in men seeking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to a level of 3 percent of men over 40, as well as a industry of men’s clinics that has flowered to meet this interest. Because of this marketing blitz, millions of men and their partners […]

Sexual Disorders in Women and Men

Sexual disorders in Women: The most common sexual disorder in women is low sexual desire or hypoactive desire. Aversion to sex is also an issue for some women (often as a result of early sexual trauma) as well as inhibited orgasm. There are two sexual pain disorders that occur in women: Dyspareunia, or painful intercourse, […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Pharmacology vs. Mental Health

Erectile Dysfunction (Male Impotence): Pharmacology vs. Mental Health Moshe Rozdzial, PhD Urologists estimate that about 30 million American men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction, and many clinicians believe that number is rising. Viagra, the pharmacological treatment for impotence, went on the market in April of 1998. Pfizer, Inc., its manufacturer, rates its success […]

Infidelity and Men: Why Men Cheat?

Infidelity by powerful men is not far from the headlines. Yet, regardless of age or race, both men and women cheat. The statistics of infidelity in monogamous relationships range widely from reports that about 28-60 percent of married men and 14-40 percent of married women being unfaithful. The higher rates or recent infidelity statistics probably […]

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment in my Denver Sex Therapy Practice Delayed ejaculation or “lasting too long”, is the difficulty or inability to achieve climax or ejaculation during sexual intercourse, despite normal sexual desire, arousal, and stimulation. A number of factors, singly or in combination, may contribute to delayed ejaculation. These include physiological factors that affect the […]

Pornography and Cybersex Addiction Therapy

  Is sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior impacting your life? Do you find yourself spending hours looking at internet porn, unable to stop? Are you worried that your spending on porn and sex is out-of-control? Is your internet porn addiction hurting your personal relationships and work? Are you are spending more time on the […]

Gay/GLBT Couples, Relationships, and Intimacy

Gay and Lesbian relationship and couples counseling: Are you coming out later in life and wondering how to proceed?Are you dealing with a Gay relationship of disparate age, race, religion, or culture?Are you suffering through a breakup, relationship loss, or infidelity?Are you in a mixed-orientation marriage or going through a divorce?Are you seeking emotional and sexual […]

Low Sexual Desire in Women

Are you avoiding sex because of physical or emotional pain or discomfort? Do you want to be sexual but are afraid or don’t feel the desire? Are you pressured or blamed for low sexual function? Are you experiencing anxiety while engaging in sex? Is sex addiction or porn and cybersex addiction impacting your life? Women’s […]

Sex Addiction Therapy and Recovery

Do you spend hours on the internet or seeking sex, unable to stop?Do you find yourself having anonymous sex, frequenting prostitutes, bookstores, strip clubs, or unsafe cruising spots?Have you had unsafe sex even after you promised yourself: “never again?”Are you worried that your spending on sex or internet porn is out-of-control?Are your sexual compulsions hurting your […]