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What is "Sex Therapy"? 

What is “Sex Therapy”

Sexual health and expression is often correlated with the level of emotional intimacy. How we feel about our partner outside of the bedroom may get acted out in the bedroom.

Regardless of sexual orientation, people may also live a variety of sexual lifestyles. These include lifelong monogamy, serial monogamy, polyamory, polyfidelity, open relationships, fetishes, kink, BDSM, swinging, group sex, asexuality, or celibacy. For those with more than one sexual partner, these may or may not all be partners of the opposite or same gender.


Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy or counseling using clinical skills to assess and treat non-medical factors that contribute to sexual problems. Sex therapists assess trauma, performance anxiety, intimacy and sexual dysfunction, and sexual attitudes that may interfere with healthy sexuality. With couples, a trained sex therapist will also evaluate potential relationship dynamics associated with sexual problems.


Treatment may involve information on sexual skills or techniques, understanding emotional factors, and resolving psychological conflicts. Sex therapists may also help individuals and couples who have problems understanding their sexuality or struggling with their sexual identity. Some of the issues couples or individuals seek support through sex therapy include erectile dysfunction, difficulty reaching orgasm, low desire or libido differences, premature ejaculation, pornography addiction, sexual compulsive behaviors, or the impact of past sexual abuse.


"Sex Therapy is a professional and ethical (non-touch) treatment approach to problems of sexual function and expression. It reflects the recognition that sexuality is of legitimate concern... that it is the right of individuals to expert assistance with their sexual difficulties. Sex therapy, then, is the focusing of specialized clinical skills on helping men and women as individuals and/or as couples to deal more effectively with their sexual expression." (from "Your introduction to Sex Therapy" by Dr. Robert W. Birch).


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Silence about sexual issues is the great killer of relationships. It is common for people to encounter sexual problems, at any age. Women may experience arousal and orgasm difficulties, low sex drive, or pain during intercourse, while men may struggle with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low libido. What is uncommon is for people to speak and do something about those problems before they irreparably damage their self-esteem and relationships. To learn more about Sex Therapy options, click here.

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