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Men’s Mental Health

Men’s Mental Health Issues  In our macho world, boys learn to control their feelings, to never cry, and that anger and violence is a problem-solving method.  As a result, boys and men pay a huge toll for maintaining an image of manhood that keeps them isolated from women, children and other men.   -Stop the […]

Denver Addiction Recovery-ARISE

INTERVENTION SUPPORT for ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE, GAMBLING, SHOPPING, SEX ADDICTION, PORNOGRAPHY. and INTERNET CYBERSEX ADDICTION, and OTHER BEHAVIORAL COMPULSIONS.   What is an Intervention? An Intervention is the action taken by family, friends, employer and/or concerned others to actively assist someone to change unacceptable behaviors.   The ARISE method (Addiction Recovery in Supportive Environment): […]

GLBT Substance Abuse and Sex Addiction

Are you, or a Gay or Lesbian loved-one dependent on drugs, alcohol, or compulsive sexual behaviors such as cruising, cybersex or internet porn addiction,to boost confidence? To feel socially accepted? To feel sexually connected and desireable? To self-sooth from distress or trauma? To fit into the bar culture? Gays and Lesbians are three times more likely to […]