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Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma 

Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

  • Are you experiencing racing thoughts or persistent dread?

  • Do you want freedom from overwhelm and anxiety?

  • Are you constantly worried that something bad is going to happen?

  • Do fears keep you from engaging socially, sexually, or in other activities?

  • Does your anxiety lead you to think you are going crazy or having a heart attack or other physical disorders?

  • Are you afraid of being left alone?


It is common for people to encounter stress and anxiety in their lives, at any age. What is uncommon is for people to do something about anxiety problems before they irreparably damage their self-esteem, work, and relationships.


Research has shown that people dealing with three or more life transitions, traumas, or stressful situations are more likely to act out in unhealthy or self-sabotaging ways in an attempt to self-sooth or avoid their internal distress or overwhelm.


Don't wait till anxiety and worry has overtaken your life and thoughts. Call now for stress management therapy. CALL NOW!


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The causes of your distress may be immediate or rooted in your history. It may be difficult to tell the difference between the source of your stress, anxiety, grief, or discomfort, and your current struggles. You may even try to correct the wrong problems. You may suppress, avoid, or even self-medicate trauma with compulsive behaviors or addiction. There is HELP and HOPE for current or past trauma, PTSD, and abuse! Call GLOW Now or click here to learn more!

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