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Grief and Loss 

Grief and Loss

  • Have you lost a partner, parent or child to accidental death, suicide, or a terminal illness?

  • Does your heart feel shattered by a relationship breakup?

  • Do you find yourself depressed or lost because of an unrealized dream, vision, or hope? Has loss of a job left you hopeless and without purpose?

  • Do you feel that you lost your childhood or innocence due to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or trauma?

  • Do you experience depression, anger/aggression, feelings of betrayal, confusion/overwhelming, hypersensitivity and anxiety, lifestyle disruption, or isolation in your life today?




Grief has no time line. Your loss may be recent or long standing. Your grief may be constant or intermittent.




Each person has their own particular way of grieving. Because our culture doesn’t honor this, it is easy to become isolated by grief.




Living with the overwhelming feelings that grieving produces can leave you lost and drained. Dealing safely with these feelings within a supportive framework can make them more manageable.


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The causes of your distress may be immediate or rooted in your history. It may be difficult to tell the difference between the source of your stress, anxiety, grief, or discomfort, and your current struggles. You may even try to correct the wrong problems. You may suppress, avoid, or even self-medicate trauma with compulsive behaviors or addiction. There is HELP and HOPE for current or past trauma, PTSD, and abuse! Call GLOW Now or click here to learn more!

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