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Grief and Therapy 

Grief and Therapy

Grief and loss are the most shattering and life transforming occasions of our lives. The challenges you face may include:


  • Depression: Are you having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning? Are you experiencing a lack of motivation for basic self-care or work? Are you feeling stuck in the looping thoughts of betrayal? Shutting down through depression and melancholy is a powerful self-protection that disrupts the course of your life and self-healing.

  • Dissociation: Research shows that many incidences of traffic violations occur a result of grief and loss. Our mind cannot stay focused to the issues at hand. We cannot stay grounded or present to our experience in the moment.

  • Under or over eating: Grief is akin to an anxiety disorder. The increase in stress may trigger your self-medication through food binging or avoidance, leading to increased risks of health problems and lower self esteem.

  • Alcohol or substance abuse: Escaping through self-medication may further detach you from your sources of support and negatively impact your life.

  • Rebound relationships: Many people jump into new relationships to avoid being alone or escape experiencing the pain of their grief. Without understanding the old relationship patterns one is likely to repeat the destructive patterns in the new relationship and exchange one set of problems for another.


Whichever situation represents your struggle, there is hope for a new life. Get help by calling GLOW Counseling NOW.


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The causes of your distress may be immediate or rooted in your history. It may be difficult to tell the difference between the source of your stress, anxiety, grief, or discomfort, and your current struggles. You may even try to correct the wrong problems. You may suppress, avoid, or even self-medicate trauma with compulsive behaviors or addiction. There is HELP and HOPE for current or past trauma, PTSD, and abuse! Call GLOW Now or click here to learn more!

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