GLOW Counseling, PLLC, is a Denver-based mental health provider founded by Moshe Rozdzial, LPC. GLOW offers a unique approach to traditional psychotherapy and counseling and combines a variety of well developed and tested theories and practices to provide you with the best results in the shortest amount of time.

G.L.O.W. is a Denver, Colorado, mental health, counseling, and psychotherapy consortium dedicated to providing therapy for individuals, couples, and families of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, and faith communities as well as therapy and support groups, presentations, trainings, and workshops on issues of personal, relational, and community liberation. Our work is informed by a philosophy that seeks equality, health, and wholeness for all.

GLOW Counseling* can help make a difference in how you experience your current and future life and relationships. We help through the following approaches:

Growth – You may have experienced growth and creativity in the past, but now feel stuck, or, you may be unable to move through some critical or transitional point in your life. GLOW Counseling can help!

Liberation – You may be living with external or internal limitations, current or past abuse or trauma, grief and loss, judgements, restrictive roles and expectations, addiction, low self esteem, problem relationships, or negative self-concept and beliefs. These may constrict and trap you to a path of loss and defeatism. GLOW Counseling can help!

Opportunity – You may have a vision of who and what you want to be, individually, or in relationship, but not know how to get there. Anger and resentment may get in the way, or you may even self-sabotage your desired goals. GLOW Counseling can help!

Well-being – Sometimes, even when everything else is going well in your life, “it just doesn’t feel right.” There’s a barrier between how you behave, what you perceive, and what you feel. Anxiety and stress, depression, or sexual dysfunction may be restricting you. GLOW Counseling can help!

Moshe Rozdzial,LPC,

Phone/Text: 720-581-1813

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