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Infidelity and Affairs 

The Challenge of Infidelity in Marriage Counseling and Relationship Therapy:

I help couples deal with infidelity in my Denver, Colorado, mental health practice. An affair is a sign that the relationship is struggling and in trouble. It is not the affair that creates trouble, the relationship may already have a history of challenges. We look at what the affair is trying to say about the state of the endangered relationship. Why did the unfaithful go outside? What needs were not being met?


These are examples of the hard questions each partner must ask himself or herself.

Infidelity involves hurt, wounding and betrayal. The bulk of work is to regain trust. Staying together requires the partner who has been betrayed can come to forgive,and the other to ask for forgiveness. Together we look at the history of wounding and mistrust in the relationship. After sorting out the reasons for infidelity, the couple will be able to decide whether the relationship is salvageable. Don't wait for your challenges to become overwhelming or destructive.


Seek and get help NOW!

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Trained in marriage and family counseling, I see pre-marital, married, co-habitating, and gay and lesbian (LGBT) partners for couples counseling, in my Denver, Colorado mental health practice. As a certified sex therapist, I help couples deal with sexual and mental health issues such as low sexual desire, painful sex, sexual dysfunction, or sex/porn addiction. Click here to see more on couples therapy.

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