Depression and Mental Health Counseling in the Gay/LGBT Community

Depression and Mental Health Counseling in the Gay/LGBT Community

Depression & mental health counseling for the Gay and Lesbian (LGBT) community in Denver, Colorado:

By definition, depression is “anger directed at one’s self”.  I see individuals and couples struggling with internal anger and stuckness. Research has shown that Gay men and Lesbians may have higher rates of depression when compared with the general population. Homophobia may be part of the reason. GLBT folk struggle with both internalized homophobia (directed against oneself) as well as the homophobia many gay people encounter at school, work, home, and in society at large.  Gay teenagers and young adults are also more vulnerable to becoming depressed, possibly due to the stresses associated with “coming out”.  Other variables that may increase the sense of sadness or hopelessness may include:

  • Sense of self as worthless or destined to loneliness.
  • Lack of social connectedness or family support.
  • Dealing with legal, religious, or employment discrimination.
  • Lack of role models or relational templates.
  • Lack of opportunities to socialize with other gays/lesbians.
  • Sexuality and HIV-related issues.

Example of work with depression in my Denver, Colorado, gay counseling and psychotherapy practice:

I am working now with a young  gay man who has a kind of depression that comes from internalized oppression. Living in a world where one feels ostracized and unaccepted translates into self non-acceptance and unworthiness.
Helping a client in this situation requires showing him how he has internalized social and cultural messages, causing him to turn against himself.
Demonstrating how to separate that message from his self-concept allows him to become more accepting of himself. Recovery can only come when one is able to differentiate the self-concept from how others define him or her.

GLOW (Gays and Lesbians Out and Well) is psychotherapy and counseling with a gay-affirming focus for the Denver, Colorado, LGBT community.

GLOW Counseling offers sex therapy, counseling, and psycho-sexual education on a large range of sexuality and intimacy issues:

  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Body image
  • Dealing with sexless relationship
  • Depression Therapy
  • Disability and sex
  • HIV-AIDS and STD’s
  • Impotence
  • Low desire or libido differences
  • Maintaining healthy sexuality in relationships
  • Men’s issues
  • Overcoming childhood sexual abuse
  • Polyamory
  • Porn (cybersex) addiction
  • Sexual addictions
  • Sexual disorders
  • Sexuality and aging
  • Transgender issues
  • Women’s issues

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